Longboat Key Unit Remodeling

Sometimes a home in the perfect location just needs a refreshing remodel of the interior to make it feel perfect, and that is exactly what we did! This home is on Longboat Key in Florida, and it is in a stunning location. AmEuro took the interior of this home and took it to a new level so that it matches the fantastic view of the Gulf of Mexico!

We started this home remodel by demo’ing the interior to give us a blank slate to work with. Then new drywall was installed throughout the house and professional painters gave it a fresh coat of paint. To make sure that the beautiful scenery could be seen inside just as well as if you were outside, new windows were installed. All of the flooring was updated throughout the home to give a modern twist without removing the beach house feel.

The bathroom remodel, and essential step in increasing the comfort and value of a home, included all new fixtures and flooring. The kitchens were also renovated with new appliances, countertops, and flooring.

This beach home now has a modern feel, and did not lose any of the comforts that one would expect from a home like this. AmEuro’s team did a fantastic job making this home really come to life and matching the interior with the awesome location!