Sarasota Spine Specialists

AmEuro did a complete renovation of this office interior. We started with a complete gut of the inside of the building. This included a tear down of everything inside of the building as well as the outer shell of the building near the back. Once the building was empty and we had a blank slate, we could really get to work and start the build of this doctor’s office.

After we framed the walls for the office space, we had to redo the electrical work, HVAC, and plumbing throughout office. With the walls framed, we were able to run electrical through the walls to where we would put outlets. Because this is a Doctor’s office, every room had to have plumbing done to accommodate for the sinks we would later install. Following that we had to hang the drywall, and apply the texture to it.

During the process we also laid down LVT flooring and Ceramic tiles, and installed an acoustical ceiling grid as well as put the tiles in places around the lighting. The finishing touches included paint on the interior and exterior of the office.