Florida Residential Remodeling

To see a perfect example of what happens when you trust AmEuro to perform your next home remodeling project, look no further! This penthouse in Longboat Key, Florida, was a complete renovation and redesign by AmEuro that looks spectacular but still feels like a home you can live in.

The nature of this project required the interior to be completely demo’d, including the studs. New construction began with new studs and drywall. Subcontractors were hired to install all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC units. Then new flooring was installed throughout the house. We even did custom ceiling work!

The bathroom remodel was extensive and everything about it is unique. New drywall and flooring were installed. We featured new showers with all new tiling and glass. The sinks and cabinets were replaced to match the modern look of the new shower and tiling. A backsplash was placed above the sink and then painters came in and added a fresh coat of paint.

The kitchen remodel features custom cabinetry, new flooring, and new countertops.  An Island was constructed in the kitchen, making everything more functional with more countertop space and custom cabinetry. We updated all of the appliances and finish it off with a new coat of paint.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this project is the Smart Home implementations. The thermostat is a Smart thermostat and the lighting fixtures can be controlled through Smart software. The integration goes as deep as having automated shutters in the house, truly making this home modern and unique.