Georgia Apartment Renovation

Brighton Way Apartments

Atlanta, GA

102 Units

Exterior Renovation

  • Balcony rail replacement throughout the property
  • Wood rot replacement
  • Painted the exterior of the property
  • Major deflection in-floor system and had to jack up each unit individually
  • Removed furniture from the living, dining, and breakfast rooms, moved into a U-haul truck
  • Wrapped rooms inplastic
  • Cut out ceiling and drywall exposing the floor joists
  • Jacked up the building in each unit and added plywood to each side of the deflecting floor joist, then screwed them off
  • Installed new drywall on the newly jacked up ceiling
  • Tape, bed and textured ceilings
  • Removed the plastic from the walls
  • Moved furniture back in
  • Professionally cleaned each unit
  • Completed 2 units a day