Portfolio Category: Multi-Family

Clubside Apartments

Clubside Apartments Venice, FL 52 Units Interior and Exterior Renovation Complete renovation of the interior of units Removal and replacement of the polybutylene piping in the units Removal of molded drywall throughout the units, then replacement of new insulation and drywall once the mitigation of the mold was completed. Removal of floor trusses that were [...]
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Brighton Way Apartments

Brighton Way Apartments Atlanta, GA 102 Units Exterior Renovation Balcony rail replacement throughout the property Wood rot replacement Painted the exterior of the property Major deflection in-floor system and had to jack up each unit individually Removed furniture from the living, dining, and breakfast rooms, moved into a U-haul truck Wrapped rooms inplastic Cut out [...]
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Amberidge Apartments

Amberidge Apartments Richmond, VA 8 Units Fire Restoration Complete restoration of damaged units
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